App that tells you how to grow home plants!

Coming soon to Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Amazing Features For True Plant Lovers

This app is a perfect source of information and tools for growing home plants.

Database of Plants

App contains complete information on how to grow more then 1000 plants.

Watering & Spraying Cycles

App will automatically remind you on when is the next time you need to water or spray your plant.

Lighting & Humidity Conditions

App will tell you about the best lighting and humidity conditions for your plant at different times of the year.

Growing Tips

App is full of various growing tips, collected and verified by our lovely staff members.

Community of Plant Lovers

App allows you to easily connect with a community of home plant owners and share experience.

Remote control for G-One

App can connect and be the dashboard for G-One ― a smart pot for automatically growing home plants.

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